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For 30 years, we’ve been safeguarding businesses across London and the Home Counties.

Safeguarding Our Tomorrow

Going Beyond Compliance

Protecting the environment is a core commitment for us. Through proactive strategies, we minimise waste at our offices and project sites, actively manage energy consumption and seek to reduce our emissions. We continuously strive to improve our practices, knowing our actions directly impact the planet’s future.


The Power of Responsible Sourcing

At Millwood, we believe our responsibility extends beyond our own operations. That’s why we prioritise eco-conscious suppliers and materials whenever possible. Our strategic sourcing has a ripple effect, supporting businesses that share our commitment to environmental protection and ethical practices.

Sustainability in Action

Studies show that 80% of most company’s environmental footprint lies within its supply chain, making procurement a crucial factor in sustainability.

See how leading companies are tackling their Supply Chain emissions.


Partnering for a Sustainable Future

Our partnerships go beyond transactions. Before collaborating with any supplier, we rigorously evaluate their environmental and social impact. We seek those who demonstrate transparency, hold industry certifications and actively innovate for a greener future.

Sustainability in Action

By Partnering with B Corp and other sustainable suppliers who share our values, we have been able to reduce our emissions year on year. 30% of our vehicle fleet is electric and our office has  solar energy capture with smart electrical sockets and a rigorous ‘switch off when not In use policy’.


Sustainability as a Core Value

Sustainability is more than a buzzword for us; it’s a guiding principle woven into every decision. Our commitment to responsible sourcing reflects our desire to not simply protect property but also safeguard the world around us. It's the only way to build a truly resilient business and contribute to a healthier planet.

Sustainability in Action

We've engaged our entire supply chain on ESG {Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability practices. Of those who've responded, 50% have established strategies and are committed to further improvement. Many others have indicated it's on their agenda. We’re excited to collaborate on building a more sustainable future together.


we’ve joined B Corp

Millwood, a family-owned fire safety engineering firm with a 30-year history, are proud to announce our B Corp™ Certification. This prestigious recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility, ethical business practices and creating a positive impact on our employees, community and the planet.
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Our Community
We believe in community

We believe in giving back to the communities where we work and live. We foster a spirit of volunteerism, support local organisations, and champion initiatives that make a tangible difference. By engaging at the grassroots level, we strengthen our connections and contribute to a more vibrant future for all.

Best Companies

Millwood is proud to be recognised by Best Companies as a top 10 UK Construction & Engineering Company to Work For in 2023. This prestigious award highlights our commitment to our employees, fostering a positive workplace culture, and prioritising employee engagement and well-being.

Best Companies

The WoodMor Foundation

Millwood Directors Matt & Clare Wood established the WoodMor Foundation in 2020, with the aim to increase diversity and inclusivity in the workplace by helping to eradicate social exclusion. We provide long-term employability initiatives to increase work prospects for under-represented communities. This extraordinary programme capture employability skills, concluding in the creation of a unique MeMovie™.

The Woodmor Foundation


Since 2009, Millwood's Zero2Hero program has been a cornerstone of our commitment to developing the next generation of fire safety experts. We invest in people, not just skills. Our comprehensive approach includes one-on-one training, ongoing mentorship and a supportive environment where apprentices can flourish. We believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential while contributing to a safer future.

A Workplace Where People Thrive


Employee Well-Being & Environmental Consciousness
We believe a healthy planet and a healthy workforce go hand-in-hand. Our sustainability efforts extend beyond operations. We prioritise environmentally conscious office practices, wellness initiatives and support for work-life harmony. This creates a workplace where people feel both valued and motivated to make a positive impact.


Attracting & Retaining
Top Talent
Today’s top talent seeks companies with a strong ethical compass. Our commitment to sustainability, inclusion and employee development sets us apart. This allows us to attract passionate individuals aligned with our mission who contribute to long-term innovation and growth for our company.


Sustainable Mindset in
the Fire Safety Field
By investing in training and apprenticeships, we go beyond technical skills. We cultivate a deep understanding of sustainable fire safety solutions and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. This not only benefits our clients but also positions our employees as industry leaders in addressing future challenges.
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