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Protecting Your Sector with Tailored Fire Safety Solutions

Every sector faces unique fire risks and safety challenges. Whether you’re in education, healthcare, retail, or safeguarding a private residence, Millwood understands your specific needs. Our comprehensive fire safety services are tailored to your sector, ensuring compliance with regulations, protecting lives, and minimising disruptions to your operations.

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Protecting What Matters Most

Millwood understands that every business and organisation has unique fire risks and safety needs. Whether you’re in healthcare, education, or managing a commercial property, our tailored fire safety solutions ensure compliance, protect lives, and minimise disruptions. Partner with us to develop a comprehensive fire safety strategy specific to your unique environment


High-Net-Worth Individuals

Millwood understands the unique fire safety needs of high-value properties. We partner with owners of luxury estates, historic residences, private art collections, and equestrian properties to create bespoke fire protection strategies that safeguard priceless assets and ensure the wellbeing of occupants and guests.



From sprawling apartment complexes and gated communities to cozy retirement homes and student accommodations, Millwood provides comprehensive fire safety solutions for the residential sector. We understand the importance of creating safe and secure environments where residents can truly feel at home.



Millwood prioritizes the safety of students, faculty, and staff in educational settings. We partner with schools, universities, research facilities, and libraries, ensuring that these vital institutions meet stringent fire safety regulations and provide environments conducive to learning and growth.



Protecting patients, staff, and critical medical equipment is paramount. Millwood collaborates with hospitals, clinics, medical research centres, and assisted living facilities to design and maintain robust fire safety systems that adhere to strict healthcare regulations.


Facilities Management

Millwood understands the complexities of managing large portfolios of commercial, government, and public buildings. Our comprehensive fire safety services streamline compliance, minimize risks, and ensure the smooth operation of diverse facilities.



From bustling shopping centers to independent boutiques and popular restaurants, Millwood helps retailers create safe and welcoming environments for customers and employees alike. We design fire protection strategies that balance aesthetics with functionality, allowing businesses to thrive.



Millwood's expertise extends to the unique challenges of industrial facilities. We partner with manufacturing plants, warehouses, power plants, and chemical processing facilities to develop robust fire safety solutions that protect valuable assets, minimize downtime, and safeguard workers in high-risk environments.


Hotel & Leisure

Millwood recognizes the importance of fire safety in the hospitality industry. We work with hotels, resorts, restaurants, entertainment venues, and recreational facilities to design and implement comprehensive fire protection systems that ensure guest safety and preserve the reputation of your establishment.


Property Management

Millwood collaborates with property management firms, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and property developers to provide expert guidance and tailored fire safety solutions for diverse property portfolios. Our proactive approach minimizes risks and maximizes property value.


Social Housing

We believe everyone deserves a safe home. Millwood partners with housing associations, local authorities, and affordable housing providers to ensure that social housing properties meet the highest fire safety standards, protecting vulnerable residents and communities.



Millwood offers fire safety expertise for all types of offices, from corporate headquarters and government offices to co-working spaces and professional firms. Our discreet yet effective solutions create a safe and productive work environment for your employees and clients.


Care Homes

Millwood is committed to protecting the most vulnerable in our society. We work with nursing homes, residential care homes, and specialized care facilities to design and maintain fire safety systems that prioritize resident safety and well-being.

Protection Integrity in Action Safeguarding Lives & Property Purpose Meets Protection

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Active fire protection

Proactive defense against fire hazards. Systems designed to detect, suppress and contain fires, ensuring swift response and safety.

Passive fire protection

Built-in safeguards for your facility. Structural elements and materials that slow fire spread, allowing for safe evacuation and protecting assets.

fire risk assessments

Comprehensive safety analysis for informed decisions. Expert evaluation of your building’s fire hazards, ensuring compliance and proactive protection.

fire training & consultancy

Empowering your team with lifesaving knowledge. Practical training in fire prevention, emergency response and evacuation procedures.



Beyond Code Compliance

We design fire protection systems that prioritise life safety and asset protection. Our meticulous approach considers your building’s occupancy, hazards, and operational needs, going above and beyond minimum regulations. Expertise in both active (alarms, sprinklers) and passive (fire-resistant structures) systems ensures a holistic safety strategy.

Millwood's fire safety experts collaborating to develop a comprehensive protection plan.

Install or replace

Expert Installation for Optimal Performance

Our certified technicians bring experience and efficiency to every project. We work strategically to minimise downtime, integrate seamlessly with other building systems and partner with trusted equipment suppliers. Our focus extends beyond installation; we meticulously calibrate and test for guaranteed functionality.

Millwood team installing a fire-resistant door to protect a commercial property.


More Than Just Checkboxes

Our commissioning process is rigorous and goes beyond basic testing.  We simulate real-world scenarios, optimise system response times and provide your team with clear documentation and training. Our aim is not just compliance but reliable protection when it matters most.

Millwood team testing smoke detectors during a routine inspection of emergency systems.

Maintain & repair

Preventing Problems, Protecting Your Investment

We tailor maintenance plans to your specific systems and risk profile. Our technicians are trained to spot potential issues before they become emergencies, offering cost-effective solutions. From routine inspections to swift emergency repairs, we are your partner in safeguarding the long-term safety of your facility.

Millwood replaced the fire panel at our 156 bedroom hotel with 10 floors. They were able to quote the most competitive price and attend site very quickly to replace and install this very vital piece of equipment to the Hotel. They stayed until the entire system was fully functioning and was fully tested. We haven’t had any issues since installing several months ago. Their service was friendly and professional.
Shaun Fitzgerald | Group Operations Manager | Lefar Group Ltd
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