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We’re dedicated to safeguarding lives and property through tailored fire safety solutions. Our collaborative approach, driven by integrity and fairness, ensures optimal protection for your facility while prioritising sustainability throughout our practices.

Protection Integrity in Action Safeguarding Lives & Property Purpose Meets Protection

We believe fire safety is about more than just compliance. It’s about understanding your unique needs, finding the most sustainable solutions, and delivering them with unmatched expertise.

What makes us unique?

Client Focused

From initial consultation to ongoing support, we prioritise your goals and concerns.


Sustainable Innovation

We constantly seek ways to minimise environmental impact while maximising protection.


Tailored Strategies

There’s no one-size-fits-all in fire safety. We develop customised solutions that address the specific challenges of your facility.

Why Choose us?

Proven Expertise
For decades, we've honed our expertise tackling complex fire safety challenges across various industries. Our extensive track record translates to reliable solutions that not only meet but often surpass compliance standards, giving you complete peace of mind.
Values in Action
We believe in building trust through open communication and fair dealings. Our pricing is honest and upfront, and we take full ownership of delivering exceptional fire protection solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Sustainability Leaders
We recognise our responsibility goes beyond immediate fire safety. Our sustainable approach minimises waste, champions eco-conscious materials, and supports initiatives that drive positive change in the industry.
Protection Safeguarding Lives & Property Integrity in Action  Purpose Meets Protection
Our History
For 30 years, we’ve been safeguarding businesses across London and the Home Counties. Our story began in 1993, founded by Trevor Wood and Ken Langley, with a passion for protecting people and property. Today, that dedication runs deep within our family-owned company, led by Matt Wood, who brings over 25 years of hands-on industry experience.
Millwood's fire safety experts collaborating to develop a comprehensive protection plan.
Millwood technician testing a fire alarm panel to ensure optimal performance.
From our roots in Surrey, we’ve built a legacy of trust and expertise.
We take pride in our long-standing client relationships, fuelled by our commitment to tailored solutions, integrity and sustainable practices. As we celebrate this milestone, we look ahead to further innovation, continuing to be your trusted partner in fire safety.
Safeguarding Lives & Property for over 30 years


We have a wealth of Sector experience
From schools and hospitals to retail spaces and high-net-worth individuals, we understand the unique fire safety requirements of each sector. Our team provides customised solutions that ensure compliance, protect lives and minimise business disruption.
See how we work across Sectors
Millwood professional inspecting and maintaining fire extinguishers in a client's office.
Our Accreditations
We adhere to industry standards and are widely accredited. As a community driven business we also support local organisations and champion initiatives that contribute to a more vibrant future for all.

See our full range of services

Active fire protection

Proactive defense against fire hazards. Systems designed to detect, suppress and contain fires, ensuring swift response and safety.

Passive fire protection

Built-in safeguards for your facility. Structural elements and materials that slow fire spread, allowing for safe evacuation and protecting assets.

fire risk assessments

Comprehensive safety analysis for informed decisions. Expert evaluation of your building’s fire hazards, ensuring compliance and proactive protection.

fire training & consultancy

Empowering your team with lifesaving knowledge. Practical training in fire prevention, emergency response and evacuation procedures.

Staff are always friendly, helpful and a joy to work with. I’ve been working with Millwood for over 4 years, and being new to working in a housing association, they explained procedures and all areas of fire detection for both servicing and repairs and the terminology, building a working relationship to make it easier for both of us.
Amie Williams | Asset Management & Development | Transform Housing
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