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Fire doors & fire door inspection

Ensuring Continuous Protection

Millwood provide a range of fire doors and undertake fire door inspections throughout London and the South-East. Fire doors play a critical role in fire safety by compartmentalising a building and delaying the spread of fire and smoke. They are specially designed and constructed with fire-resistant materials to withstand high temperatures and maintain their integrity during a fire. Fire door inspections are essential to ensure these doors remain in optimal working condition and comply with safety standards.

Millwood technician inspecting and repairing a fire door for compliance and safety.
Millwood technician inspecting and repairing a fire door for compliance and safety.

Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors are subject to wear and tear, damage, and potential malfunctions, which can compromise their effectiveness in a fire emergency. Therefore, regular fire door inspections are essential to ensure they remain fully functional and compliant with safety standards. The frequency of inspections depends on factors like building usage and risk level, but typically, fire doors should be inspected at least every six months. During inspections, any identified issues, such as damaged seals, gaps, or malfunctioning hardware, must be repaired or replaced promptly to maintain the door's fire-resistant integrity.

Creating a more resilient environment

It's important to remember that regardless of the chosen fire rating, proper installation and regular maintenance by a qualified professional are crucial to ensure the door functions effectively in a fire emergency. Factors such as building type, occupancy, and potential fire risk should be considered when selecting the appropriate fire door rating for your premises.

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What we offer

Fire doors are available in various fire ratings, each offering different levels of protection within your fire strategy.


FD30 Fire Doors
30 Minutes of Vital Protection

FD30 fire doors are the most common type found in residential and commercial buildings. They offer 30 minutes of resistance against fire, providing valuable time for occupants to evacuate safely. These doors are typically used in areas with lower fire risks, such as corridors, offices, and smaller compartments within a building.


FD60 Fire Doors
Enhanced Protection for High-Risk Areas

FD60 fire doors offer a higher level of protection, withstanding fire for 60 minutes. They are often used in areas with increased fire hazards or where a longer evacuation time is required, such as stairwells, escape routes, and areas containing flammable materials.


FD90 Fire Doors
Critical for High-Hazard Environments

FD90 fire doors provide an even greater level of protection, resisting fire for 90 minutes. They are commonly used in high-risk areas like industrial buildings, warehouses, and areas with hazardous materials storage. These doors help contain fires for longer durations, allowing for safer evacuations and minimising potential damage.


FD120 Fire Doors
Maximum Protection for Critical Areas

FD120 fire doors offer the highest level of fire resistance, withstanding flames for 120 minutes. They are typically installed in critical areas like server rooms, plant rooms, and other locations where protecting valuable assets and ensuring continuous operations are paramount.

The Benefits

Fire doors & fire door inspection can offer a number of fire safety benefits to your business


Fire doors and inspections provide essential barriers against fire, protecting lives and property while ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


Properly functioning fire doors can save lives by preventing the rapid spread of fire and smoke, giving occupants more time to escape


They help contain fires, protect property and minimise damage to the building and its contents.


Regular inspections ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and avoid potential liabilities.


Some insurance policies may require proof of regular fire door inspections to meet their requirements.

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Beyond Code Compliance

We design fire protection systems that prioritise life safety and asset protection. Our meticulous approach considers your building’s occupancy, hazards, and operational needs, going above and beyond minimum regulations. Expertise in both active (alarms, sprinklers) and passive (fire-resistant structures) systems ensures a holistic safety strategy.

Millwood professional inspecting and maintaining fire extinguishers in a client's office.

Install or replace

Expert Installation for Optimal Performance

Our certified technicians bring experience and efficiency to every project. We work strategically to minimise downtime, integrate seamlessly with other building systems and partner with trusted equipment suppliers. Our focus extends beyond installation; we meticulously calibrate and test for guaranteed functionality.

Millwood team installing a fire-resistant door to protect a commercial property.


More Than Just Checkboxes

Our commissioning process is rigorous and goes beyond basic testing.  We simulate real-world scenarios, optimise system response times and provide your team with clear documentation and training. Our aim is not just compliance but reliable protection when it matters most.

Millwood team testing smoke detectors during a routine inspection of emergency systems.

Maintain & repair

Preventing Problems, Protecting Your Investment

We tailor maintenance plans to your specific systems and risk profile. Our technicians are trained to spot potential issues before they become emergencies, offering cost-effective solutions. From routine inspections to swift emergency repairs, we are your partner in safeguarding the long-term safety of your facility.

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