Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments

Mitigating risks

Millwood provide a range of Fire risk assessments throughout London and the South-East. Don't let uncertainty cloud your fire safety strategy. Our comprehensive fire risk assessments provide a clear and actionable roadmap for protecting your people and property.

Millwood team members conducting a thorough fire risk assessment on-site.
Millwood team members conducting a thorough fire risk assessment on-site.

Strengthening Your Defences

We meticulously examine every corner of your facility, identifying potential fire hazards and evaluating your existing safety measures. From assessing escape routes and fire detection systems to analyzing your emergency procedures, we leave no stone unturned.

Tailored Solutions

Our expert-led assessments go beyond simply ticking boxes. We take the time to understand your unique operations, pinpoint areas for improvement, and provide practical recommendations tailored to your specific needs. By proactively addressing risks, you can minimise disruption to your business and create a safer environment for everyone.

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What we offer


Type 1 – Fire risk assessment

Type 1 is the basic fire risk assessment required for the purpose of satisfying the Fire Safety Order. Unless there is reason to expect serious deficiencies in structural fire protection, a Type 1 inspection will normally be sufficient for most purpose-built blocks of flats. The inspection of the building is non-destructive, but even this basic fire risk assessment will include examination of at least a sample of flat entrance doors, since these are critical to protection of the common parts. Where there are demountable false ceilings in the common parts, it may be appropriate to lift a sample of readily accessible false ceiling tiles.


Type 2 – Fire risk assessment

Type 2 is similar to a Type 1 fire risk assessment, in that it relates to the protection of the common parts, but the Type 2 inspection involves a degree of destructive exposure, usually necessitating the presence of a contractor to open up construction and make good after the inspection. The destructive inspection might include work within vacant flats to check the integrity of the separating construction that protects the common parts. This type of inspection would be carried out only if there is good reason to suspect serious structural deficiencies that could lead to spread of fire beyond the flat of fire origin.


Type 3 – Fire risk assessment

Type 3 includes the work involved in a Type 1 fire risk assessment, and is also non-destructive, but goes beyond the scope of the Fire Safety Order by considering the fire precautions, such as means of escape and fire detection, within at least a sample of flats. This type of fire risk assessment will not be possible in the case of long-leasehold flats, as there is normally no right of access for freeholders.


Type 4 – Fire risk assessment

Type 4 has the same scope of work as a Type 3 fire risk assessment, except that there is a degree of destructive inspection in both the common parts and the flats, carried out on a sampling basis.  This is the most comprehensive fire risk assessment possible, but will only be appropriate in limited circumstances – such as when a new landlord takes over a block of flats in which the history of work carried out is unknown and there is reason to suspect serious risk to residents from both a fire in their own flats and a fire in neighbours’ flats.


External Wall Cladding Surveys

External wall cladding surveys, including the specialised EWS1 assessment, are comprehensive assessments of a building's exterior cladding system, meticulously examining materials, installation methods, and fire safety measures. These surveys, particularly the EWS1, are essential for identifying potential fire hazards in residential buildings, ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations, and providing recommendations for remediation if necessary, offering valuable insights to mortgage lenders and potential buyers.

The Benefits

Fire risk assessments can offer a number of fire safety benefits to your business

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Beyond Code Compliance

We design fire protection systems that prioritise life safety and asset protection. Our meticulous approach considers your building’s occupancy, hazards, and operational needs, going above and beyond minimum regulations. Expertise in both active (alarms, sprinklers) and passive (fire-resistant structures) systems ensures a holistic safety strategy.

Millwood professional inspecting and maintaining fire extinguishers in a client's office.

Install or replace

Expert Installation for Optimal Performance

Our certified technicians bring experience and efficiency to every project. We work strategically to minimise downtime, integrate seamlessly with other building systems and partner with trusted equipment suppliers. Our focus extends beyond installation; we meticulously calibrate and test for guaranteed functionality.

Millwood team installing a fire-resistant door to protect a commercial property.


More Than Just Checkboxes

Our commissioning process is rigorous and goes beyond basic testing.  We simulate real-world scenarios, optimise system response times and provide your team with clear documentation and training. Our aim is not just compliance but reliable protection when it matters most.

Millwood team testing smoke detectors during a routine inspection of emergency systems.

Maintain & repair

Preventing Problems, Protecting Your Investment

We tailor maintenance plans to your specific systems and risk profile. Our technicians are trained to spot potential issues before they become emergencies, offering cost-effective solutions. From routine inspections to swift emergency repairs, we are your partner in safeguarding the long-term safety of your facility.

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On-Site Assessment
For a deeper dive, we’ll conduct a comprehensive on-site visit. This allows us to assess your building’s layout, fire safety systems, and potential hazards. We’ll also discuss relevant regulations and answer your questions in detail.


Tailored Solutions
Following the visit, you’ll receive a clear report outlining our key findings and recommendations. We’ll present potential solutions or next steps, like a detailed fire risk assessment, always keeping your specific needs in mind.


Partnership for Success
Ready to move forward? We’ll develop a customised proposal outlining the scope of work, timeline and comprehensive cost estimate. Our team is here to answer any questions and ensure you feel confident in every step of the process.
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