COVID-19 Policy for Subcontracted workers

About this policy

The purpose of this policy is for Millwood Servicing Ltd to establish clear procedures in the event
of a worsening state in the UK around the current coronavirus (COVIS-19) outbreak. This policy
outlines the processes Millwood Servicing Ltd have developed for the following situations and has
been adapted from the staff policy to cover subcontracted workers (workers):

• If a worker is diagnosed or believes they may be infected with COVID-19 or has had contact
with someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19 or who is currently self-isolating.
• If a worker must go into self-isolation.
• If a worker becomes ill at work.
• Procedures for engineers attending sites
• Millwood closing its office temporarily.
• If worker choose not to attend work.
• Business travel and off-site meetings
• Handshakes/direct contact.

Millwood Servicing Ltd is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all staff members,
contractors and those who they come into contact with.

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