We are very happy to share the great news that Millwood is now a Gold Standard BAFE SP207 Evacuation Alert Systems Accredited company.

Evacuation Alert Systems installed by approved installers in line with the recognised industry standard – BAFE SP207 – are certificated with a NSI/BAFE ‘Certificate of Compliance’ (a sort of “MOT”) for newly installed and serviced evacuation and alert systems.

Scheduled service and maintenance visits are usually every six months.

This ‘Certificate of Compliance’ is evidence for enforcing authorities and insurers that systems are adequately installed, fit for purpose and properly maintained, such that if needed in earnest by the Fire & Rescue Service they can be relied on to function correctly.

Evacuation Alert Systems enable Fire & Rescue Services to prioritise evacuation from residential high rise buildings so people at risk in endangered areas e.g. particular floors, or parts of a floor in a building, can be safely evacuated.

They provide an extra degree of assurance that should evacuation be necessary, the signal to leave can be effectively communicated to all within the building. They do not replace fire detection and alarm systems, but are an additional layer of safety designed to support evacuation of persons at risk.