With temperatures expected to exceed 30 degrees, we’re in for a scorching few days across the UK.

While we all enjoy the warm weather, we are urging the public to be fire safe as temperatures rise.


Popular activities like lighting a campfire, barbecuing and even leaving litter behind pose a serious threat to the countryside and to local wildlife. Wildfires can occur quickly and get out of control in the grassland and forests that are tinder dry due to the recent hot weather.

There are many ways you can help to avoid wildfires starting:

  • Never use disposable barbecues on grassland. Pack a picnic instead!
  • Avoid smoking. If you do, always extinguish your cigarettes and other smoking materials thoroughly
  • Do not dispose of cigarette butts out of car windows.
  • Never leave bottles behind, as sunlight can become focused as it shines through glass, starting fires
  • Keep children away from lighters and matches
  • If you see a wildfire, always report it on 999. Don’t assume someone already has.


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