We are happy to share this amazing news that from a list of 55,000 companies who entered, we have achieved the following placings in the Regional, National and business sector awards for Q1.

* One to Watch for 2022 as a great firm to work for.

** No. 4 in the UK in the CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING category ( any size of firm)

*** No. 8 in London for BEST SMALL COMPANY category

**** No.41 ( out of 100) for BEST SMALL COMPANY in the UK – all sectors

To put our achievements into context, having looked at every league table in this event, the only other Fire Safety company that received any placing was BB7 a dedicated & respected Fire Engineering Consultancy who won a 1-star award) so a huge well done to Ben Bradford and his team.

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To summarise, there’s still lots of work as leaders, Managers & Directors to do to get Millwood to the very best place it can be so that all our staff work in the best place possible. We shall be re-surveying in July (Best Companies’ Q4) but for now, here’s how I signed off on our entry for the survey:

“Without our people, we are merely an established brand, logo and name. Our people are our purpose; we heavily invest in them and by investing we get the very best from them and [they] from us.

Our staff turnover is tiny and having served in the business for 23 years, I can confidently confirm that very few people leave our merry Millwood world. As a hobbyist Beekeeper of eight years; I see a symbiotic relationship between Bees and our Business (the team) – we both look after each other so that each other can survive and thrive.”

Matt Wood
CEO & Co-owner
Millwood Servicing
Co-Founder at Woodmor Foundation CIC

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